I had a good time in the dojo tonight. Managed to bring a kid back from the verge of tears to feeling good and performing kata with solid focus and intent.. And then good sparring. Kid's 6, by the way. My class wasn't that good, though I got a compliment on my push-ups from sensei. Went through my kicks.. Then sparred..

I fleetingly get a grasp of efficient body movement, and then it disappears, and then I have to train a lot more to make it happen again, and then more again, etc etc, until I can make it happen effortlessly.

I really, really love teaching martial arts. There's something about the student-teacher relationship, in the study of something which involves both body and mind - and you can't lie or fake your way through that. It's all about the truth, and being naked and exposed. It forces you to examine yourself and your relationship with others.